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       姓 名: 马瑞生
       Name: Rui-Sheng Ma
       职 务:副教授
       Duty: Associate Professor

       Research Interests:
       Blood hyperviscosity induces brain damage。

       1990.09至1995.06   兰州医学院临床医学系学习,获学士学位毕业。
       2001.09至2004.07   兰州医学院组织胚胎学专业硕士研究生,获硕士学位毕业。
       1995.06现在   9999js金沙老品牌组织胚胎学教研室任助教、讲师、副教授。
       Sep.,1990至Jun.,1995:  B.M. (Bachelor of Medicine) in Clinical Medicine, Lanzhou Medical College, P. R. China。
       Sep.,2001至Jul.,2004:  M.M. (Master of Medicine) in Histology and Embryology,  Lanzhou Medical College, P. R. China。
       Jun.,1995至Present:  Teaching Assistant, Lecturer and Associate Professor, Department of Histology and Embryology, School of Basic 。       Medicine, Lanzhou University, P. R. China。

       Ma RS, Bai DC, Jiang XC, Pan AY, Qi SN. Correlation of free calcium concentration in mouse cerebral cells with blood hyperviscosity. Chinese Journal of Clinical Rehabilitation 8 (4):648-9, Feb, 2004。
       Ma RS, Bai DC , Jiang XC, Liu BJ .Effects of blood hyperviscosity on cytosolic free calcium concentration in cerebral cells and MDA contents in brain tissue of mice.J Fourth Mil Med Univ. 25(15): 1383-5, Aug, 2004。
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